Use Whatsapp Fingerprint Lock-How to Enable

Whatsapp inbuilt Fingerprint Lock Launched

Update Your WhatsApp Application - Now Available Fingerprint Lock

How to Enable Whatsapp Fingerprint Lock:

1.Go To Play Store and update your Whatsapp to Latest vertion.

2.Then go to menu and follow the below steps-

Go To
Settings >
Account >
Privacy >
Fingerprint lock. (Slide down to last option,You will find it)

Turn on Unlock with fingerprint, and confirm that your fingerprint.

And set lock duration Like:


2.After 1 minute

3.After 30 minute

(As your preference)

There after when ever you unlock your mobile or close the whatsapp everytime you will need to unlock your whatsapp with your fingerprint.

Limitation of whatsapp fingerprint lock:

You will not able to use it if your mobile not support fingerprint unlock.

Pros of Whatsapp Fingerprint lock:

Now you whatsapp is more sequre than previously.Noone can use your whatsapp without your permition.

Cons of Whatsapp Fingerprint lock:

If you eneble this fingerprint lock in your whatsapp then bychance you not able to use your finger to unlock your mobile with fingerprint then you can unlock your mobile with password or pin.But you can not unlock your whatsapp without your fingerprint.Whatsapp dose not support pin or password to unlock you whatsapp if you enable whatsapp finger print lock.So use it if you really need more sequerity,unless skip this option.
(Last option in Privacy)

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